Escaping Infinity

Richard Paolinelli
INFINITY SERIES\n\n”As we crossed the threshold the temperature difference between the air outside and the building we were entering was slight. But for some reason I felt a harsh, icy shiver travel the length of my spine.--“ Escaping Infinity\n\nLost on a dark desert highway, Pete Childress just wanted a good night’s sleep. Now he must find a way back out of a hotel with no exits and where tomorrow never comes. Worse yet, the fate of a ruined world, and the future of all humanity, hangs in the balance.\n\nWorking with the lovely, yet mysterious, Hotel Desk Clerk, Liz, and under the ever-watchful eyes of the hotel manager, Pete explores the many mysteries that lay within the walls of The Infinity seeking the answer to the mystery and the way back to the outside world.\n\n2017 Dragon Award Finalist\n2017 Readers’ Favorite “ Honorable Mention\n2017 New Apple Summer E-Books “ Official Selection\n
Paperback, 252 pages
3 credits
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