Sell Your Books Through BSFFBC

BSFFBC works directly with independent authors and publishers whenever we can. We are open to adding any high-quality science fiction and fantasy books, particularly those that buck the progressive narrative and those by authors who have been canceled by the mainstream publishing industry. Please read our About page if you're not sure your books are a good match for BSFFBC.

There are two ways we sell books:

1. Inventory Purchase

This is straightforward: we purchase inventory directly from you and then sell it on the site. All orders are considered final; in other words, we accept the risk of unsold merchandise.

2. Consigment Sales

If you have extra stock of your books that you would like to sell, we can sell the books on your behalf. You will be paid with 60 days of a sale. Note: it is your responsibility to get the books to us in good condition before they can be listed. (Please don't send us any books unless we've agreed to sell them!)

If you are a new or relatively unknown author, this may be a good option for you: because selling on consignment doesn't require us to pay for inventory up front, we are more likely to take a chance on listing your book.

Main Selections and Alternates

Each month we choose a main selection and two alternate selections from books in our catalog. We have specific requirement for these books and the selection process is very competitive. We generally do not take suggestions from authors or publishers regarding these selections (although we do take suggestions from members!).

If have read and understand the above, feel free to contact us about adding your books to our catalog!